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Mergers and acquisitions 

We help you in setting up your company, shareholders' agreements, mergers and acquisitions, financing rounds,  investment arrangements, option plans and other contracts and documents relating to establishment and ownership of a company. 

When you establish a new company or bring in new entrepreneurs, employees or investors we can help you in explaining the required steps and decisions as well as documenting everything. We can even help with the company register, if you wish.

We support parties wishing to sell or acquire companies or businesses in Finland and internationally. We provide practical and clear advice and documentation and assist in making the due diligence to the target business.


Business agreements and other legal support

We support you with your business agreements and other legal needs. We are experienced and knowledgeable in international business and international legal issues. We help you in IPR and privacy issues. We can take care of all or part of your local company's legal needs, even against a fixed price. 

We help in employment contracts, sales and channel structure, terms and agreements. We support in various agreements and documentation required by business internationally. We draft privacy policies and conduct data protection audits and analysis and bring in our partners, if required.

Be in touch with us if you want to create or update your IPR strategy. 


Electronic tools and developing legal teams

 We help making contract process and trainings electronic. We support general counsels and regional legal heads in developing  themselves and their teams. We assist in measuring and evaluating team's  current status and developing plans for future. We offer mentoring and other support and training .

We follow up the development of legal tech and tools and seek to find ways to support our customers with state of the art tools and how to implement them. We can provide the tools as a service or you can acquire the tools from our partners and we can provide services on top of them.

We can provide code of conduct, anti trust, privacy (and GDPR) implementation and training via electronic tools as a service. Our tools can be taken into use by both small and big companies.