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Leea Vartia 


I can help you with business arrangements, financing rounds and partnership arrangements. I have extensive experience in both international business transactions and domestic transactions of small and medium-sized companies. I am an experienced negotiator of shareholder agreements and exits. I have worked in Finland's largest law firms and in the international Freshfileds Brcukhaus Deringer office in Singapore. I also advice on business-related contracts. I have taken care of the company's personnel law and have been involved in leading the company's change procedures. I am analytical, an experienced negotiator and drafter of contracts. In addition to two law degrees, I have also completed a master's degree in philosophy. I work as the secretary of the State Guarantee Board for Exhibitions under the Ministry of Education and Culture and I am a board member of the Heino Art Foundation and the Friends of Children’s Hospitals Kummit ry.

When not working I look after the wellbeing of our two softcoated wheaten terriers, do outdoor activities and sports, read , knit and practice pilates. Art in all its forms is very close to my heart.

Contact details: e-mail leea(at), phone +358- 40-5028717 and twitter @leeavartia

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Jorma Vartia 


My specialty is business contracts and related challenging negotiations. I can support you widely in the development and internationalization of your company or its legal affairs function, as well as in data protection and privacy protection issues. I have  CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe) certificate from IAPP. 

I have worked since 1988 in various international legal, sales and HR positions, e.g. In Scanleasing, YIT Group and Nokia. During years 1995-1999 I worked in South East Asia Pacific and was based in Singapore. Challenging contracts and negotiations, developing companies and their personnel and operating methods are close to my heart. I act as the Chairman of the Board of Privaon Oy  and Louhos Solutions Oy and as a Member of the Board of Meltlake Oy

I am also an active helper of startup companies; practical, innovative and excited about challenges.

 In my spare time I like to excercise, fish, cook, read and enjoy music and arts. I also enjoy long walks with our two Irish soft coated wheaten terriers.


 Contact details:  e-mail  jorma(at),   phone  +358- 40-7618767,   skype  jorma.vartia  and   twitter  @jormavartia  

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Erkki Hyvärinen

I joined Jorma and Leea Vartia in Laissa in August 2022. Nice and experienced colleagues (with whom I had worked in the past during my days in Nokia and Fondia) and the business-minded & straight forward attitude of the firm made joining easy.

I have provided legal support to a wide variety of businesses in FFT Law Office ltd (closely connected to the Finnish Foreign Trade Association ), in ICT (Sonera, Telia-Sonera and Nokia) and in Fondia Plc.. As an in-house lawyer I covered wide spectrum from contracting to General Counsel and management team levels. In Fondia I was also accounted for technology /ICT and Service Development as the Technology Director and for e.g. offering, pricing, sales and marketing as the Commercial Officer.

My specialities are i.a.:

  • Business understanding acquired via various management teams and commercial roles combined with understanding the legal side of the business and how to plan and implement the legal affairs in a manner that supports the business in reaching its goals
  • Contracting from drafting, commenting and negotiating agreements to more comprehensive design and implementation of contracting as a function.

In my spare time I love to exercise playing ice-hockey, golf and kayaking. And of course jogging or walking (depending on her mood) with Cora - a dog rescued from Dubai who joined our family in July 2022.

Contact details: e-mail erkki(at), mobile phone: +358-40- 5483040

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Hanna Kotala 

I have more than 20 years of experience in handling the legal affairs of globally operating companies, contract negotiations, corporate administration, and developing and supervising the company policies. In addition, I have served as the secretary of the board of a listed company and been responsible for the HR functions of both Polar Electro and Nexstim, while also doing operational HR.  In addition to legal support for sales and R&D, I have special expertise in corporate and employment law, financing, as well as of HR processes, leading change negotiations and performance management, of which I did my thesis “Managing Underperformance" to my MBA IBM degree.  I have industry expertise in mobile phones and networks, TV and radio broadcasting, sports and wellbeing, and medical device technology.  

My work has taught me to act with integrity and firmness: especially on the personnel side, everyone must be treated equally, fairly and in the same way.  This means that the company's policies, rules and communication must be clear and consistent.  I have also learned that even unpleasant things need to be addressed immediately.

In my free time, I swim, walk in nature with my two dogs, and collect berries and mushrooms.

Contact details:: e-mail: hanna.kotola[at], phone: +358-50-36 96 836
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